Meet Your Host

I was born in New Jersey and raised in Florida where I raved in clubs, tamed lions, chased hurricanes, and acquired a collection of bad habits. I fell in love with a handsome Panamanian and escaped America in 2006.

Since, I’ve lived a lush life in my wild new country where I work from home as a freelance internet marketer. I devote my free time to wine, yoga, and classic literature. I’m also mother to an epileptic Rottweiler, a mutt with a phobia of boots, and a Red-lored Amazon parrot who hates me.

I often tag along on my husband’s business trips and am lucky to have seen the world, but on most days you’ll find me in my home at the foot of mighty Volcan Baru where I sit in front of my computer in dog hair-covered yoga pants and try to figure out this thing called writing.


On Life and Writing

I always knew I was supposed to become a writer, but I grew up in a small, boring town in an unusually normal, happy family.

This gave me very little material to work with.

As I approached my teenage years, I made an informal vow that I would seek adventures and mayhem to fill my future books with. Like the manifestations New Age gurus talk about, the vague notions that danced in my head became real. Adventure found me over and over again.

My experiments weren’t always positive and often times they were life threatening, but now I have many stories to tell. Unfortunately, publishing most of my true-life experiences would shock my family and shame my in-laws, so until everyone dies off I’ll be writing fiction.

Currently, I’m working on a series called The Sculptor of New Hope and have published a novelette called The Wrong David. I learn more everyday about the craft of writing and my goal is to someday create a book that meets my expectations.


About My Sweet Delirium

This blog hosts discussions on what it means to be a human in today’s culture, and what role art and creativity play in our lives and in the evolution of our species as a whole.

On the lighter side, I post crazy anecdotes, pictures, and wonderful adventures from Panama.

I’m really excited to join the blogging community and look forward to following your blogs, too.

I also host the WRITERS ROAST, a monthly ritual where writers offer up their prose for a merciless critique.


Internet Marketing Services

ATTN AUTHORS: Finding time to write while promoting yourself can be overwhelming. If you’re in need of some website or social media reinforcement, please visit my digital marketing site.


  1. HI,
    Thanks for following.
    I’m an ex-pat too (though a Brit!). Currently living and working in India. Just approaching the quiet season for business so back to the novel writing!


  2. So proud to see another bohemian throwing caution in the wind and getting roses back! Thanks so much for following my blog, and hey, since you’re a fan of Panamanians (and who can’t be, right?) check out my novel, I Blew Up Juarez, where the protagonist is of German and Panamanian heritage! Lots of good times there. Enjoy the day!


    1. I love the title! I see you are from Colon. And what part of Germany did you grow up in?

      It seems I went the opposite route. I grew up in St. Pete, then visited Germany, and now live in Panama!

      Strange coincidence, eh?


  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and for following. Your About Me page certainly captured me, and I look forward to following your adventures and being part of that important conversation of what art and creative mean to our humanity.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hello, Christa, thanks for following both filmbell.org and twistedbyknaves.com, wow! You’ll notice action every week (God willing) on the filmbell site, but twistedbyknaves is a “complete” book, so there won’t be any additional posts there, most likely. But your interest in both sites is gratifying indeed, and we hope they entertain. Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hi, thanks for the read and follow. I usually don’t write about my addiction. My usual writing is about Aj and Z. I write for religious freedom for Aj, she’s Pagan and LBGT rights for Z. I also write random bits about love, friendship, and sometimes just about life in general. It was just that in the past couple of weeks I needed to do some mental house cleaning. The three addiction posts came out of those thoughts. Again, thanks for the follow.


  6. Hi Crista. I was reading about you and found a very interesting life story of yours. The truth I wanted to thank you for liking my writing on the Jim Jarmush film Only Lovers Left Alive and for following my blog.
    Your blog has some interesting thins too and I found you have a more marketing oriented blog. Ia m a market researcher in Mexico and would be interested in seeing what you are doing otherwise this personal and writing site of yours but could not access your Webbella site. Maybe the link is broken.
    Anyway, I will be comming back to see what you have… Nice knowing you!!!


    1. Hola, Jose. Thank you for stopping by. I was very impressed by your insights into that movie. I’ve been hearing about it for awhile, but haven’t seen it yet. I’m a huge fan of both Swinton and Hiddleston, so now I’m really eager to watch it.

      My website did experience some downtime this week, but it’s all good now. http://webbella.com.

      Mucho gusto en concerle and I look forward to more of your posts. They will force me to practice my Spanish 🙂


      1. Hi Crista!
        Took some time to get back to you, sorry. Been pretty busy.
        Anyway, I got a chance to see more on your saga novel and, as many more, found it very interesting. good work.
        I also saw your web marketing page and thought we may be sharing a similar two parallel worlds being one creative and a more practical marketing side of things. I will definitely be coming back and following your work.
        By the way, my blog has a Spanish and English version, don’t know which one you read but on the right side column you may see a flag that sends you to the selected language version.
        Well, have fun writing, you do have a nice touch to it and a way with words… Thanks a lot…


  7. I’ve never met a lion tamer before! It’s hard for any writer to meet their own expectations! We tend to be our worst critics! Just keep on and believe in yourself! Jan


  8. I look forward to reading here and we have something in common: I was also able to live abroad, I lived in Spain with my partner and now husband for nearly a decade, and although we’re back in Seattle where we met, I often feel that part of me remains in Madrid.


      1. Sorry for the long delay in responding. Madrid was amazing and romantic. It’s part of me, and although I haven’t been back yet since we moved, I find myself sometimes behaving as if I were still there, for instance following certain routines, such as eating lunch at two o’clock instead of earlier, as I always did in Seattle before.


        1. Yes, we do the same here–a late lunch and dinner maybe by 9pm if we’re on the ball. I’ve tried to start eating earlier because of all the hype that’s it’s bad for you and makes you fat, but no matter what I always end up eating as late as usual. Do you ever go back to visit? Salud!


          1. Muchas gracias. It’s been four and a half years since our last visit. I’m sure we’ll be back before the end of this year. We’ve needed this time here to become reacquainted with Seattle. But for several years I thought we would live in Madrid for the rest of our lives. Change sometimes happens suddenly.


  9. Followed you on Twitter and it through me onto your blog so just had to have a read and decided to follow here too. Nice blog by the way and looking forward to reading more 🙃


      1. You are more than welcome. I saw you retweeted that too and thank you so much….me and Twitter don’t see eye to eye at present…I’ve no idea what I’m doing 😱 Mind you in January I could say the same about here and, oh yes, I still do !!! Have to admit those themes are common in mine too!! And thanks for the follow too…I really appreciate that 😊


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