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Fall in love with a person you can't have

Free this weekend!

To celebrate the one year anniversary of my first published work, I’m offering my novelette, The Wrong David, free all weekend.

Here are some of the reviews…

“…a very entertaining, sexually wrought, wistful romp throughout the beaches and streets of Marseille.”

“Fuelled by boozy days and nights of over-indulgence David finds a voice we didn’t think he had. The scene is set for a perfect indiscretion – but there’s a twist in the tail!”

“Anyone who has ever secretly longed for the significant other of a close friend will immediately identify with this well-written story set in the South of France. The dialog is sharp and the characters believable. The writing is both funny and poignant. The Wrong David entertains and delivers.”

“I loved this little book and highly recommend you take an afternoon to yourself, grab a bottle of wine, and get lost in Marseille and The Wrong David.”

“…for an endearing look at love, loyalty, timing and being in the moment.”

“An entertaining read that leaves you yearning. Well written and captivating.”

Read all reviews.

Download your copy here.

No Kindle? No problem. Read Kindle books on any computer or device. Click here.

🙂 Once you’ve finished, please let me know how you liked it by leaving your review on Amazon. 

Stuff I Forgot To Tell You


We’ve recovered from our hangovers. Get ready for some news, bitches.

I meant to get this news out in individual posts before New Years, but that never happened. I blame my tardiness partly on holiday preparations, but it was mostly the coma-like state induced by excessive eating and champagne consumption. So here’s a round-up of the latest news from my little place in this world.


The Wrong David with Klimt Tote

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 10.04.56 AM

Review of The Wrong David by Christa Wojo

New Reviews for The Wrong David

I was surprised to see two new reviews for The Wrong David. I still feel awed (and terrified) when I find out someone read my book. And I’m stupefied whenever I receive a review, especially 5 stars. I am both humbled and flattered because Max Tomlinson is a highly respected author of noir, dark fiction, thrillers, and Sue Archer runs one of my favorite blogs on writing and editing called Doorway Between Worlds. I thank these reviewers from the bottom of my heart. (These were unsolicited reviews)



New Victims for Writers Roast

I have two brave writers willing to be skewered for the Writers Roast. Amanda Mabry will be put over the hot coals first. She’s an “author and bibliophile, redeeming villains and scandalizing saints one chapter at a time…” She submitted a chapter from her fantasy WIP that I really enjoyed reading and you will too.

My next carne asada (as we call it here in Panama) will be Doug Stuber, “a visiting professor of English at Chonnam National University in Gwangju, South Korea.” He requested to be served “with a nice reduced glaze, a side of salt potatoes and pickelled garlic on the side.” I’ll see if I can manage that.


Sweet D Coffee Mug Contest

My winners will tell you…

coffee tastes better in a mug with a naked lunatic on it. This took place before Christmas, so I have no excuse for failing to announce my winners for the Mad Genius coffee mug contest. Please, accept my apologies. Congrats to Kim Whaley and Cecil Parsons!

Kim Whaley is my #1 fan on My Sweet Delirium’s Facebook page. She’s been there from the beginning and says she enjoys all the inspirational and funny posts and quotes. Thanks for your support, Kim!

When Cecil Parsons received his mug he tweeted, “I love it and it enhances my coffee flavor.” He also said he was fighting to keep the co-workers from stealing it. I was surprised to hear this, since blogger buddy/beta reader, Charlotta Amato, says my crazy naked man (whom I’ve named Figment) “scares the hell out of her.” I think I’ll take a poll to make sure he’s not frightening people away from my fanpage.

I have another really cool prize coming up this month, so stay tuned and make sure you like Sweet D’s fanpage to participate.


 Bernini's Rape of Proseperina

The Sculptor is Finished, Kind of…

I vowed to have my third full length novel done before Thanksgiving, but travel and business prevented me from keeping my promise to myself. I left my poor heroine, Ona, in an excruciating position and felt terribly guilty for abandoning her while I was off living real life.

Read 7 lines from the third book.

After a two-month hiatus, I finally sat down and wrote the ending. I considered it a present to myself on Christmas morning. Although it felt good to get it overwith, the final moment was sort of an anti-climax. After being away from my characters and story for so long, I didn’t feel like I did them justice.

This is not only the ending of the book, but the ending of the whole series, and I intended to build up everything to a such an emotional crescendo that I’d leave the reader bawling their eyes out. As of now, I think it faded out more like a hot fart, but oh, well. That’s part of writing.

At least I know I can write novels and finish them. Now it’s time to learn how to revise. I’m dreading this part. With three books in their crudest forms, where do I begin? Fellow writers, any help is greatly appreciated! I have no idea when I’ll be publishing these babies. Maybe by Christmas 2015? In the meantime, you will enjoy more posts involving Kristine Poole, my amazing sculpture consultant.


I know there was more stuff I forgot to tell you…

…but I can’t remember right now. Let me know if I left anything unresolved and share your New Year News below!

Also, please share any revision resources or tips. I have a huge mess to clean up here.


Stay classy.

Win The Wrong David on Deranged Writers


Hello, my friends! Today’s the last day to enter to win my novelette, The Wrong David, at Deranged Writers for their December Delights festivities. I know it’s kind of a last minute announcement, but I’ve been traveling the past few weeks and I’m totally disoriented. Apologies!


To win a copy, just pop by Deranged Writers and visit Anne and Chani. If you’re feeling Scroogy, they will put you in the holiday mood with food, decor, folklore, and travel.

Enter by visiting these posts! (Follow directions at the bottom)







Learn more about The Wrong David.

And the Klimt Tote Goes To…

*drum rolls*

(in game show host voice) Tami Abrioooooooo!!! Give her a big hand, folks.


My Sweet Delirium Nifty Prize Contest Winner


I’m sending the Klimt bags out today. One goes to my lovely Nifty Prize winner, Tami in Cali, and one goes to me!

*more applause*

Stay tuned for pics of us looking all cultured with our new totes.

Klimt The Kiss Tote bag Christa Wojo

I’ll also be revealing this month’s Nifty Prize!

(hint: It involves literature and hot caffeinated beverages)

*oohs and ahhs*

Like My Sweet Delirium’s Facebook page to participate in my monthly contest.

Click my Delirious Mime. Don't leave him all alone in there.

Click my Delirious Mime. He’s looking for new playmates. It’s okay. He’s medicated.

Big congrats to Tami and thanks to all who participated!

Questions or Comments about the contest? Ask below!

One Lovely Blog Award and 7 Curious Facts About Christa Wojo (Me)

My Sweet Delirium has been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award; an illustrious honor granted only to the most provocative, well-written, and insightful blogs on the web.

One Lovely Blog Award

Well, this may not be entirely true. It’s really just kind of a fancy blog hop that my lovely friend Susan Kicklighter from the one lovely blog, Writing for Kicks, was kind enough to tag me in. Be sure to follow her on Tumblr and Twitter and tell her who sent you.

Here are the rules.


  1. Share 7 Lovely Facts about myself
  2. Link to 15 blogs (or as many as possible) that I enjoy reading. I know it sounds like a lot, but once I started writing the list, I wanted to add more.
  3. Nominate the authors of those 15 blogs to participate and do the same, linking back to the original Lovely blog. (That would be this page)


So sit back, relax, and enjoy some random facts about your host.


 1.  I started taking ballet before I went to kindergarten.

When I was eleven or twelve, I finally got my pointe shoes. This is a huge moment for dancers. I was up to four classes a week of intense training when our family had to move. I tried to continue lessons in our new town, but the level of teaching was so far below the caliber at my original studio. I felt I knew more than the teachers and I don’t think I made it to the second class before I quit.

Pointe Shoes My Sweet Delirium

Pointe shoes, a girl’s dream.

I felt bad because my parents had invested so much time and money (the shoes, the costumes, the driving), but realistically, I would have never become prima ballerina anyway. I’ve always been built more like a draft horse than a lipizzaner.

Wait, aren’t you going to fit me for my tutu?

I don’t feel like all the hard work was a waste, though. Ballet has given me discipline and grace, (well, sometimes I’m a clutz, but that might just have something to do with the vodka). Ballet is where I acquired my appreciation for classical music. It’s taught me extreme physical endurance and tolerance for pain. Ballet is brutal! And after so many years of classes, I developed a routine of exercise. Even at my ripe old thirty-ish age, I have to do some sort of physical activity every day or I don’t feel right. This is a habit I can’t break even if I want to, and I’m so grateful for it because it’s one of my only healthy ones.



2.  I have a thing with lighting. 

High efficiency light bulb My Sweet Delirium

Just say NO to unflattering lighting.

You know those fluorescent lights and those energy saving bulbs? The ones who make everyone look like the need a blood transfusion? They can ruin my whole day. I feel so uncofortable in any atmosphere with those kinds of lights. I lose my appetite, I feel anxious. I just want to get away from it.

I’ve even been tempted to bring my own light bulbs with me when we travel because in Latin America that morgue-type efficient lighting is very popular in most hotels. I don’t understand why they can’t change them. How does it not bother people? An otherwise cozy room looks like a cell in a mental asylum with that kind of light. I’m not saying they should switch to energy-sucking incadescants. They make the ‘warm’ spectrum energy saving bulbs now. Use them!



3.  I am a total bass-head.

Speaker box My Sweet Delirium


I thought as I got older I would become like my parents and prefer easy listening music, but this transformation has not taken place yet. I love Drum & Bass, Electro, Dubstep, and I’m starting to really like Trap. I will probably go deaf soon because of this bass addiciton. I can see myself when I’m eighty. I’ll be the crazy old lady with turntables and the biggest speakers on the block.



4.  I love animals. I mean, I really love animals.

I used to manage an animal sanctuary with lions, tigers, leopards, cougars, primates, snakes, macaws, gators, a bear, a camel, an otter, and more­. I was the sole keeper and worked six days a week. I took care of more than seventy-five animals. I fed herbivores in the morning, cleaned cages during the day, and fed carnivores in the evening.  Sundays was my day off when we had volunteers come in.

This was my friend Dakota.

Giving my friend Dakota the cougar a scratch scratch.

I was grossly underpaid. I was a slave, but I loved that job! Each creature was one of my kids. I worked there a few years until they closed the zoo down to widen the road and sold all the animals. I hope they didn’t end up somewhere awful. The fate of exotic animals can be horrific.

Since then, my house has become a zoo several times. I don’t go out and buy pets. I just end up with them. Sick and injured wild animals flock to me. I’m not exaggerating.

Ace Ventura Pet Detective My Sweet Delirium

Come to me, my friends…

I travel too much now, so I keep my rescuing urge under control, which is difficult here because the way some people treat their animals in Latin America is criminal.

Currently, I just have two dogs, one parrot, four parakeets, and a hummingbird who is not caged, but demands food at the back door when his feeder is empty.



5.  I love tragic endings.


Happy endings are so overrated.

Any movie or book where the hero or heroine dies or the lovers can’t be together, I can’t enough of it. Romeo and Juliet!!! 



6.  I smoke five cigarettes a day.

Woman smoking a cigarette My Sweet Delirium

Sorry, I still love to watch people smoke.

I used to smoke all day. Now I only smoke at night. I can’t quit completely, but as long as I can keep it at five, then I figure it’s not a huge health risk. I have to smoke five, no more, no less, and I can’t smoke before sundown. This is usually because I only have the urge to smoke after a few vodka tonics, and my happy hour starts around 6-7pm. But wait, this is not necessarily the rule because if I have drinks during the day I still don’t want a cigarette until it’s dark. I don’t know why. Weird. I just roll with it.



7.  I’m not a vegetarian, but I love vegetables.

Bunny eating lettuce

Eats like a bunny, drinks like a draft horse.

I crave salad like other people crave chocolate. I crave chocolate sometimes too, but not nearly as much as I crave lettuce. I started juicing about a year and a half ago, and now it’s worse. I crave celery when I first wake up in the morning.

Maybe my love of veggies is because when I was growing up my parents always made a salad with dinner. Another healthy habit they instilled in me. Thanks Mom and Dad! Aren’t they great?

Hopefully, it will counteract the five cigarettes.


So now you know that when I’m not writing, you’ll find me pirouetting (preferably in candlelight) with birds on my shoulders and dogs at my feet, listening to Drum & Bass while eating salad, drinking vodka tonics, and smoking no more or less than five Marlboro Lights.



Now I will pass the award to writers I would like to know more about and my friends who just happen to be stellar bloggers. (If you’ve already done this blog hop or don’t have the time, please feel free to decline.)


Congratulations to:

AR Rivera

“Author (Between Octobers), mother, blogger, and Blockhead. Should said book become an uber-successful film before being adapted for TV, I’ll fall on that grenade.”


A.L. Mabry

…is an author currently working on her first trilogy while dabbling in short stories, poetry and prompt writing.


Ashley Antoinette Sapp 

“That quiet girl with the written words. Editor wannabe. Literature enthusiast. Wanderlust addict. Southern charm with a twist.”


Candace Johnson

“I am a professional freelance editor, writer, and ghostwriter. Previously, I was a senior editor for Health Communications, Inc., a traditional trade book publisher best known for the original Chicken Soup for the Soul series as well as other nonfiction bestsellers.” (She’s also my editor and a super nice human being)


Ceejae Devine

“my goal now is to figure out how to overcome the fact that with spirituality, with God, there’s colossal opposition to new ideas.”


Charlotta Amato

“I love life, even when I don’t understand it. I’m a single mama, High School teacher, experiencing building a life for my children and I in a country which I myself do not come from.”


Felicity Johns

“I am a lover of passion, sensuality and the written word. While at times my work can be dark, beneath it all lies the inherent human need of physical contact, from romantic love and playful lust, to the dark hungers that, left unchecked, can tear people apart. I have been writing for almost 20 years.”


Hannah Givens

“I’m a history and political science student in Alabama, and an aspiring genre author. My blogging philosophy is: If I don’t think it’s interesting, I don’t post it!”


June Hur

“An aspiring novelist who works for the Library. English lit & history graduate at the University of Toronto. Follow my journey to publication via my blog :)”


Madhuri Blaylock

“Creator of The Sanctum Trilogy / Attorney by day / Dress buyer / Ice cream eater / Snark purveyor / WeNeedDiverseBooks supporter / Dork / HOLLA BITCHES!”


Michelle Joelle

“In my real life, I write academic papers about Plato, Augustine, myth, reason, the relationship between language and sensation, and as it happens, also about writing, stories, and imagination. In my pipe dreams, I write children’s stories and poems, and am attempting to write a middle-grade novel.”


Shonda Brock

Author of IR Paranormal Romance, who believes there’s nothing wrong with a little wine, but remember not every bottle is created equal. Some are just better!


Shelley Masini

Sharing 365 days of a writer’s journey.


Anne Dias

Host of Deranged Writers who says, “I really like to see the glass half full of Jack Daniels.”


Trent P. McDonald

…writes about the Arts (particularly writing), creativity and inspiration. Don’t be surprised to see short stories, poetry and random reflections on life.




And don’t forget to enter my drawing for the Klimt tote! I getting one for me too.

Klimt The Kiss Tote bag Christa Wojo

The winner and I will be styling.




Photo credits Flickr Creative Commons

Pointe Shoes

Draft Horse

Light Bulb

Romeo and Juliet


My Giveaway for No Particular Reason

Klimt The Kiss Tote bag Christa Wojo

Carry Klimt with you wherever you go.

A legendary painting on an ordinary tote bag.

Perfect to carry your books in.

Win it!


I’m finally starting a Facebook page for the blog. The truth is, I found out that WordPress.com websites don’t accept Rafflecopter after I already paid for it. So I created the fan page out of necessity because it’s the only place I can host the little contest widget thingy.

Please give the My Sweet Delirium page a ‘like’ and send over your friends. I promise I’ll post lots of interesting goodies on it. I also plan to giveaway a nifty prize every month!



The Wrong David #Free on #Kindle: Last Chance to Spend the Day in France

The Wrong David by Christa Wojo free on Amazon Kindle

Spend your Sunday on a hot Marseille beach. Click photo to download.


Spend your Sunday morning or afternoon in Marseille with a bottle of wine. David finally gets Vanessa, his best friend’s wife, alone in a hotel room. Will they behave like honorable adults?

My first published novelette, The Wrong David is in the Top 10 Bestsellers in the Free Kindle Store for Literary Short Stories and Literary Romance. It also just received a 5 star review!

Today’s your last chance to get it for free.


 Meet My Main Character

The Story Behind the Story




Drunken Americans Behaving Badly in France

Hi everybody. Just to let you know, as part of my KDP Experiment I am trying one of Kindle Direct Publishing’s promotion optionsThis means my novelette, The Wrong David, is free on Amazon for the next five days!

The Wrong David by Christa Wojo cover featuring Gustav Klimt's Watersnakes.

The Wrong David

Grab your copy here.

Many of you may have already met my character, David, in the Meet My Main Character blog tour. For those of you who don’t know him, here’s a quick blurb:

David is a disillusioned American wine broker who meets his partner and best friend, Brian, in France’s Côte d’Azur to tour the vineyards of Provence. Brian brings his wife, Vanessa, who David has been desperately in love with for years. David has cultivated his obsession with Vanessa, using it as a distraction from his otherwise unfulfilling life.

As the threesome drink themselves through The French Riviera, David is losing his ability to hide his feelings.

I know. It’s not the best blurb. I’m still working on that. And I will let you know how this KDP promo turns out.

If any of you experienced indie authors have any tips on how to make the most of these promotions, please share.

Wish me luck!


Santé! (Cheers)



The Wrong David: My KDP Experiment

The Wrong David by Christa Wojo

The Wrong David, my first published work!


It’s official. I am a published author now, albeit self-published, but published nonetheless. I promise to decide on a pen name one day. For now, I’m still Wojo.

Get a copy now! 


The Wrong David is the story of David, who has never really felt at home in the world. He’s awkward and cynical, and stumbles through life medicating himself with alcohol and cigarettes.

His only friend is his oldest buddy from high school, Brian, who is handsome, out-going, and loved by all. Brian has always taken David under his wing and appointed David as CFO of his wine company.

They meet up in Marseilles to tour vineyards and source new wines. There, David indulges in his most powerful vice of all, Brian’s wife, Vanessa.

Vanessa is a goddess in David’s eyes. She is the only thing that makes him want to be part of the world, but he has never shared his secret with anyone.

As the threesome drink themselves through The French Riviera, David is losing his ability to hide his feelings.



I wrote this story three or four years ago. The Hubs was out of town and I was getting my Eurochannel fix when this unbelievably romantic French video came on and sparked the whole story.

I opened a bottle of Cabernet and wrote through the small hours of the morning.

Since that night, poor David has been buried in my computer files. A few months ago, I decided it was time to introduce him to the world. I sent the story to my editor and then to Kindle Singles.

My pride winced when I never heard back from Kindle Singles. I didn’t know if I should wait for a rejection email, or if they were too busy to even send one. Come to find out, getting into Kindle Singles is kind of a big deal. At the time, I was also switching all of my devices and computers from Windows to Mac OS X, so my ego likes to think maybe the email was lost in the shuffle and Kindle Singles didn’t even receive it.

My back-up plan was to use The Wrong David as a test book. I have been working on a series called The Sculptor of New Hope that I plan to publish within the next few years, and I wanted to check out this self-publish biz for real. I was told many horror stories about self publishing, so I wanted to experience the whole process. I’m the type of girl who learns by doing. The Wrong David has become my Amazon Kindle guinea pig.