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Hello all. A few months ago on Twitter, I posted a poll asking authors what their biggest challenge was in marketing their books. The most popular answer was “how to stand out from the crowd.”

As a self-published author who helps other indie authors, I know how difficult is is to be seen in heard in the swarm of books flooding the market today. Hiring a PR firm can cost thousands of dollars. That’s why I created this quick guide to help you plan publicity campaigns that will get you noticed.

Feel free to pass it along to all your author friends. I firmly believe there is an audience for every book. You just need to put yourself out there so they can find you!

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The Real Edition Wants Your Addiction Story

The Real Edition wants your story

The Real Edition has already attracted an avalanche of writers and readers after its launch last week. The best news is that you’re invited to be a part of it. 

What is the real edition? (TRE) is a publishing platform for all things addiction and recovery. Nearly everyone has been affected by addiction in one form or another, be it themselves or through a friend/family member. The Real Edition provides a stage solely for addiction and recovery with the intention of giving meaning and purpose to all stories–those of brokenness as well as those of hope.

Why Submit to The Real Edition?

1. Share

Although 24.6 million Americans have experienced addiction, it’s not something that usually comes up in conversation. A taboo surrounds addiction, making it difficult for addicts and those who love addicts to open up to people who have not shared the same experience.

Maybe it was decades ago, maybe it was recently, maybe it’s still going on right now. No matter when the struggle or victory over addiction occurred, a story may be sitting inside you just waiting for any reason to come out. Now is your chance to write it, share it, and feel your load lightened.

2. Connect

The Real Edition allows you to create profiles, cultivate a following, and follow other writers. The website allows users to leave comments at any point throughout to discuss, debate, and commiserate on specific sentences within the article. Find like-minded people, people who can help you, or people whom you can help.

3. Grow

Maybe you had an addiction story, but were afraid it wouldn’t appeal to your current blog subscribers. The Real Edition is a community of addicts, recovered addicts, or those in the recovery industry. By publishing on The Real Edition, you open your writing to a wide, global audience that is already primed for your topic. Someone is waiting to read your story. You just might change someone’s life, and in doing so, change yours.

4. Earn a Reputation

The Real Edition wants to focus on quality content. You don’t have to be a professional writer, but you do have to offer something of depth and value.

Whether it’s a personal experience, and informational article, or an opinion piece; The Real Edition is looking for bold, heartfelt stories that bring addiction out of the darkness so it can be understood, analyzed, and addressed.

5. Gain Exposure

Not only will your audience grow, The Real Edition has several opportunities to make your post go viral.

  1. TRE employs an algorithm that tabulates page views, number of reads, read times, and recommendations to determine the most popular posts. These posts are automatically featured on the home page in the Top Reads section. This means that unknown writers with small followings have just as much of a chance of getting to the front page as those writers who are more experienced and established.
  2. TRE will share your posts through all its social media channels, putting you in front of thousands of eyes.
  3. Content from The Real Edition also receives attention from large websites like The Huffington Post and Thought Catalog, increasing your chances of being picked up by a mainstream publication.
  4. In addition to being published on a site that gets thousands of visitors each day, TRE may select your title for one of their ad campaigns.

6. Free Advertising and Cash Rewards

The mission of The Real Edition is to inspire hope, to be resource for loved ones affected by addiction, and to eliminate the stigma attached to addiction.

To give something back to TRE contributors, the editors will select stories for paid and organic marketing rewards. This means TRE will spend up to $100 promoting your article on selected social media sites.

Cash prizes may be awarded in the amount of $50 or $100 on any given week, and up to $250 for a story of the month.

By publishing on TRE, not only do you benefit from the camaraderie, the connections, the reach, the exposure, the advertising, AND the prestige; but you also get the chance to earn money as a writer.

The Real Edition wants your story


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The Pen Factor: A Novel Type of Writing Contest

Online Writing Critiques

Submit your writing today.

The Pen Factor is a new platform that hosts the American Idol or Britain’s Got Talent for writers.

I’m delighted to present the founder of The Pen Factor, Clarissa Horwood, who was kind enough to stop by and answer a few questions about this exciting new showdown for aspiring authors.