Guess Who’s On Board!


I know my blog has sucked lately. You’re all very nice about it, but it’s true. And the third part of SICK is two months past my planned publication date. No writing, no revising, no blogging. The reason why I’m so busy is problem I’m very blessed to have. I have more work than I can handle, and more and more comes my way everyday!

Five years ago I started freelancing in web design and social media marketing. What began as a part time gig for extra Christmas money has now developed into a full-grown business. I am bursting at the seams and it’s time to get some help, so I’m thrilled to announce that my sister Gina has begun training as my first digital marketing protege!

I’m so grateful to have her help and I know everyone will love working with her. 2016 is galloping away and I have so many great plans for the future. I’m so glad I have someone on my team, especially my sister. Next in line for training is my baby sister, Tia. Then we’ll have the sister trifecta. Look out!

Not only am I training my sisters how to work and thrive in this creative and free lifestyle, I’m going to teach anyone who wants to learn. The demand for content management and social media marketing is exploding, and I’m developing a digital marketing course that covers all facets in an easily digestible format. You can learn more about the course and sign up for an invitation to the FREE beta-version here.

I’m also creating a course specifically for authors that includes my hacks and secrets to managing effective social media strategy without it consuming your writing time. You can get early access to that by signing up for Digital Marketing Mastery for Authors.

Last but not least, SICK Part III will be going out to my beta-reading crew  next month (I hope) and then to my wonderful editor, Candace at Change it Up Editing. I even have plans to unearth my drafts of The Sculptor Series for release, and I’m itching to start blogging regularly again.

Thanks so much for staying subscribed to this blog through the thick and thin. There’s lots to come next year, so stay tuned! XOXOXO



Airport Mascara: How Do You Say Goodbye?

Waterproof mascara

Waterproof mascara: A traveling girl’s best friend.

When I moved to Panama, I had no idea I’d be staying this long. I told my family I’d be back in a year or so.

But eight years later, I’m still here. Panama is my home now, and I love it, but that doesn’t make it easy.

We are a very close family—my dad, mom, and two sisters. The advent of Skype has helped tremendously. It’s like a portal bridging space/time. If I let the world around me blur, I can almost pretend I am sitting in my parents’ living room or playing on the carpet with my nephew.

But I feel guilty. As the firstborn, I often feel like my family needs my help. My grandmother is grieving the loss of her last sister; my parents need help with technology; my middle sister, Gina, needs help with my nephew; my baby sister, Tia, needs help becoming a writer. These are all things I could readily give them if I were there with them in Florida.

When I visit, I try my best to squeeze in all the help I can and still enjoy the time I spend with them, but I have a problem enjoying the whole situation at all. Even after following the same visiting schedule for years, it’s still an emotional struggle. I get anxious about The Big Good-byes. I start worrying weeks in advance. I dread leaving Panama, my dog-children, and my husband. Then the whole time I’m in the US, I dread leaving my family. I only go for two weeks at the most, but The Hubs and I are so used to being together that it is hard to imagine that an ocean will be between us. It’s crazy. Why do I have to be so melodramatic?

And then there is the scene at the airport.