The 90’s

90s Monday: Scott Weiland with Stone Temple Pilots Unplugged

Stone Temple Pilots was not one of my favorite bands of the 90s, but their music was always playing on my friends’ CD players, on the radio, and on MTV. I can’t help but get nostalgic when I hear them.

We lost many remarkable artists from the 90s. It’s tragic how after making it to the age of 48, Scott Weiland still couldn’t let go of drugs.

Rest in Peace Scott Weiland.

What’s your favorite Stone Temple Pilots song?

Which artist’s death has affected you the most?

Why does it seem talented and creative people are more susceptible to addiction?

90s Monday: The Drowners by SUEDE

Brett Anderson

Girl or guy–who doesn’t swoon over Brett Anderson? Gaaahhh! So pretty.

In case you haven’t heard, “Suede will release their stunning new album ‘Night Thoughts‘ on January 22nd, 2016.” That happens to be my birthday, so if anyone wants to gift it to me on iTunes… Happy Birthday to me!

Here’s the US and UK version for your viewing pleasure. Which one do you like better?

They also have a Twitter and Facebook.

90s Monday: The Burn from The Crow Soundtrack

Brandon Lee The Crow Gif

The Crow is one of my favorite movies of the 90s. It has an amazing dark and romantic soundtrack. I just love how The Cure‘s song plunges in and sweeps you away.

I wish they hadn’t made the sequels. They should have just left it alone. There is a remake of The Crow struggling to materialize, but the project seems cursed. Fine with me. There is no replacing this movie, especially because of the tragic death of its star.


90’s Monday: Talk Show Host

This is one of my favorite Radiohead songs. Talk Show Host is from the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack circa 1996, and it’s on the playlist I listen to while writing my work in progress.

I’m loyal to the 1968 movie so I wasn’t crazy about this modernized version at the time, although I’ve learned to appreciate Baz Luhrmann’s gaudy style through the years.

But this song…


90’s Monday: Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover

The ultimate crush song by Sophie B. Hawkins circa ’92. There’s also a banned version. Not sure what made it so scandalous, only it looks like she’s wearing a giant cloth diaper.

Would you believe she’s pregnant at 50 years old? Rock on, mama!

You Might Be Generation X if…

Gen X

Lace up those Doc Martens tightly. You don’t wanna break a hip in the mosh pit.

I just had another birthday and I’m wondering if I seem as old and uncool to young people as my parents seemed to me when I was a teenager.

I don’t have kids, otherwise I might have someone to tell me how embarrassing I am. I like to think I’m still pretty hip, but I’m paranoid because of the memory of one night in downtown Orlando circa 1996.

I distinctly recall being at The Club at Firestone to see some DJ. This was shortly after I transformed from my grungy/gothy stage into my sparkly club-kid phase. My posse of baggy-jeaned friends and I were in full-on rave mode, dancing to the musical stylings of one of the headliners of that day (probably Sasha and Digweed, Keoki, Rabbit in the Moon, Icey, or the like).

And then I beheld the dreaded old-guy-at-the club.

You’ve seen him. He crashes all the venues; the bleak harbinger of your future uncoolness.

This particular specimen of old-guy-at-the-club was very enthusiastic, bopping and thrusting in front of the smoke machine. Then he tried to merge with us, busting-a-move in the middle of our group in his Wranglers.

My friends and I disengaged our ring-pops, holstered our glow-sticks, and cleared the dance floor as if he had a contagious disease. We stood around him in a circle, watching his gesticulations under the laser lights in abject horror.

We couldn’t speak over the music, but our thoughts hovered in the Vicks vapo-filled air. He doesn’t belong here. Doesn’t he know that?

From that day on I vowed to never become the old-guy-at-the-club.

Fast forward almost twenty years (f*cking sh*t, can it really be that long?) I find myself with the fleeting urge to go to concerts, electronic music festivals, or nightclubs. But The Husband, in his wisdom, never takes me. I think he’s saving me from the hard truth. I can’t go anymore. I’m too old.

I found this quiz on The Village Voice proving that my generation has officially shifted into the charming, yet obsolete sector of the population.

Quiz: Where Do You Fall on the Geriatric Gen-X Spectrum?

Note the word “geriatric” in the title. My suspicion is further verified by the fact that many of my beloved films now appear on the classic movie channel. Depressing, I know.

Man! I thought Gen-Xer’s would always be relevant and cool. I never planned on growing up. Now I wonder… should I give up my Converse? Is it time to remove my tragus piercing? Do I have to start wearing high-waisted khakis?

Tell me it’s not true.

What do you miss about The 90s?

What are your favorite memories from The 90s?

How old is too old to be at the club?

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