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Make sure you watch this one till the end. There’s a twist in the tale.

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Do Not Fall in Love (No Te Enamores English Translation)

Nude woman with abstract tattoo cut-outs.

No te enamores.

Do not fall in love with a woman who reads,

a woman who feels too much,

a woman who writes …

Do not fall in love with a




crazy woman.

Do not fall in love with a woman who thinks,

who knows what she knows and also knows how to fly;

a woman confident in herself.

Do not fall for a woman who laughs or cries while making love,

who knows how to convert her flesh into spirit;

much less one that loves poetry (these are the most dangerous),

or who would stay half an hour contemplating a painting

and who doesn’t know how to live without music.

Do not fall in love with a woman who is interested in politics

and who is rebellious and feels immense horror at injustice.

One who likes ball games and soccer

and does not like to watch television at all.

Or a woman who is beautiful no matter the features of her face and her body.

Do not fall for an intense, entertaining, lucid and irreverent woman.

You don’t want to fall in love with a woman like that.

Because when you fall for a woman like that,

whether she stays with you or not,

whether she loves you or not,


a woman like that,

never returns … “


By Dominican poet, Martha Rivera Garrido.



I spotted this poem on Annette Duarte‘s blog. I fell in love with it and did my best to translate it into English. The original Spanish text is below for anyone who would like to improve on my translation. Enjoy!

No te enamores de una mujer que lee, de una mujer que siente demasiado, de una mujer que escribe… No te enamores de una mujer culta, maga, delirante, loca. No te enamores de una mujer que piensa, que sabe lo que sabe y además sabe volar; una mujer segura de sí misma. No te enamores de una mujer que se ríe o llora haciendo el amor, que sabe convertir en espíritu su carne; y mucho menos de una que ame la poesía (esas son las más peligrosas), o que se quede media hora contemplando una pintura y no sepa vivir sin la música. No te enamores de una mujer a la que le interese la política y que sea rebelde y vertigue un inmenso horror por las injusticias.Una a la que le gusten los juegos de fútbol y de pelota y no le guste para nada ver televisión. Ni de una mujer que es bella sin importar las características de su cara y de su cuerpo. No te enamores de una mujer intensa, lúdica y lúcida e irreverente. No quieras enamorarte de una mujer así. Porque cuando te enamoras de una mujer como esa, se quede ella contigo o no, te ame ella o no, de ella, de una mujer así, JAMAS se regresa.

Martha Rivera Garrido (Fragmento de Los Amantes de Inbox de Papel, 2014)




Photo Credit: dBride Arts Chile via Flickr Creative Commons